Electric Heaters Glasgow is well known locally & we use only the most efficient german radiators on the market.

Our customers have the choice between various high-quality manufacturers.

Our knowledgeable team are only a short call away and can help you choose the most efficient electric radiators for your home.

Our goal is to give you a wide choice of products – meaning we can design the installation around the look & fit of your house.

What Exactly Are Electric Radiators, and How Do They Function?

They produce heat that is subsequently dispersed around the space to create a cosy atmosphere using a primary power source. Moreover, electric radiators do not require any tubing or plumbing.

Electric radiators may generate efficient heat without the necessity of plumbing, much like central heating radiators. They can be made of a dry heat source that warms the air around them, or they can be loaded with a thermal fluid to generate heat.

In contrast to a typical central heating system, the hot water is delivered through copper pipes from gas-powered radiators. Electric radiators do not need to be bled like traditional gas radiators do because they do not use water to produce heat.

Additionally, electric radiators are completely cost-effective when in use since all of the power needed to run the system is transformed into heat. A gas equivalent cannot deliver similar results.

Are They Safe to Use?

German Radiators & British Radiators are straightforward to use because of their design, which makes them simple to handle, manage, and adapt to your preferences. Even wi-fi enabled electric radiators are available. Your voice control, mobile device, and smart assistants can all regulate these.

They can also be shifted to meet your requirements and are simple to set up. Unlike a gas radiator, which should be wall mounted and necessitates additional plumbing work to relocate, they may be freestanding or wall-mounted, allowing you the freedom to place them where they are needed.

When properly installed, maintained, and operated, electric radiators are quite safe. Furthermore, it is advised against putting these in regions where small children are present because they are not yet aware of the risks of electrical and burn injuries.

Why Choose Us

Without proper radiators and a quality heating system in place, lowering your energy bills is difficult.

New and enhanced systems consume less energy & may help you reduce your energy consumption. With new A++ rated german radiators give you greater management over the temperature in each particular room of your house.

Our selection of energy-efficient electric radiators provides you and your home a contemporary style and look of radiator which can complement any interior or colour of decor. Our electric heating systems have the capacity to provide you with everything you require when it comes to heating your home.

Advantages of Electric Radiators

Reduce Costs

It decreases your energy costs by heating a room with completely programmed, low-wattage electric radiators.

Temperature Regulation

Our infrared remote gives you control over time and temperature.

No Plumbing Needed

Simple, trouble-free installation. Plug it in, then turn it on.

Service and Quality

We are proud of our exceptional quality and customer care.

Minimise Carbon Emissions

All-electric homes will have an extremely low relative carbon footprint when we can produce electricity exclusively from renewable sources. Moreover, electric heating is eco-friendly since it produces no pollutants, keeping the interior and surrounding areas' air clean.

Unlike other heating methods, electric heating does not emit harmful carbon monoxide or leave a buildup of debris. Our electric radiator products in our selection are compatible with voice assistants.

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