Reasons to Replace Your Storage Heaters Glasgow

Everyone enjoys feeling cosy in their own homes and has a preferred temperature range. Nobody wants to suffer from ineffective heating systems.

Replacing old storage heaters is important when it comes to having a warm & comfortable home.

Some homeowners use an additional heating sources to keep their homes warm after their storage heaters exhaust their heat later in the day, which raises their electricity bills and is a constant inconvenience.

Below are some reasons to think about replacing your storage heaters.

Cost Reduction

Storage heaters Glasgow are not only pricey but also inefficient. They operate under the Economy 7 rate, which imposes fees for all the electricity a storage heater consumes, even after it reaches the desired temperature. The majority of electric radiators are now made with efficient power utilisation in mind, making maintenance costs lower. While financial incentives have been put in place to attempt and reduce the price of storage heaters, the huge amount of energy they consume typically negates any savings from low tariffs.


Storage heaters consume an enormous amount of power and cost you a fortune. Also, they generate a form of dry heat that is unhealthy, heavy in carbon, and particularly harmful to people who have asthma. Modern radiators are energy efficient since they only use the electricity necessary to reach the optimum temperature. Also, they generate superior heat that doesn't pollute the air around them.


A storage heater functions by being turned on and, in principle, left running. You can't change the temperature, and if you turn it off, it takes a long time to restart heating the house when it has reached full power. Electric radiators now give a lot more control in regard to temperature and energy use. Each radiator has a setting that may be changed to suit the needs of various rooms. Also, they heat up quickly, allowing you to turn them on and off as needed. Any room can be fitted with one of our radiators.


Not only are storage heaters expensive, but they are also unreliable. Their size determines how much heat they produce, and because their heat tends to linger high up in the room, it isn't very useful if you want to sit. Contemporary radiators are made to heat rooms effectively and affordably, regardless of their size.

Precision Heat Control

You are unable to take action if a storage heater is overcharging you or heating the house to an uncomfortable level if you are unable to adjust the temperature or switch it off when you need to. This kind of control is possible with modern radiators, providing you greater control over when and how much the home is heated.


Simply said, the electric radiator is more effective than the storage heater. Heaters can't be changed to reflect the weather; therefore, during a heat wave, money is wasted. Storage heaters take a while to warm up after being switched off, and because of the way they store heat, they lose efficiency as nighttime approaches, which is when they are most required.

Modern Design

The majority of heating engineers Glasgow in use today are not just heavy and outmoded but also simply ugly. Not only do they occupy a lot of room, but they weren't made to be aesthetically appealing. The majority of storage heaters in use today are outdated, having been created during the Second World War. Modern electric radiators are stylish and sleek-looking in addition to taking up less space.

What Makes Storage Heaters So Beneficial?

When the temperature falls, the lawn starts to get frosty, and the cold winds start to blow, what is the best way to heat your home? Read on if you’re the type of person who likes to maintain a comfortable 24 degrees in the house during the cold season but can’t even afford to heat your entire apartment that way.

A room in your home can be kept warm with any heater. There are many options, including gas heaters, electric, wood fires, gas heaters, and reverse cycle air conditioners. Yet, as soon as you turn off any of these, you immediately become cold again. Your room must remain warm all the time with the most pleasant heating. Although hydronic underfloor heating has that capability, it is expensive to configure and requires frequent, costly repairs.

Renewable Energy

At very reasonable prices, many electricity providers now provide renewable and carbon-neutral energy. Storage heaters are perfect for this kind of power because they can absorb any extra from the grid when it is most plentiful and priced reasonably. Rooftop solar systems can help with grid instability, voltage spikes, and lowering the likelihood of feed-in tax penalties due to oversupply.

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