Modern electric heaters and radiators are much more energy-efficient than their older storage counterparts, which drain your evening tariff for night storage heat storage. Furthermore, many come with manufacturer warranties to give peace of mind.

Selecting the ideal heater for your Glasgow home will ensure it runs as cost effectively as possible. Key factors to keep in mind include:

1. Size

Energy efficiency should be of primary consideration in your home heating system, regardless of whether you live in one of Glasgow’s contemporary new builds along the Clyde or in an older tenement flat. Switching to electric heating can save money and carbon emissions with modern systems.

Our electric storage heaters and radiators are easy to keep clean, convenient to use, and come complete with WiFi control panels that save time & hassle. Each model also carries a manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters of Glasgow can be an excellent way to cut electricity costs. By storing heat during cheaper night tariff electricity usage and then releasing it during higher day rate usage, they could save up to 47% off your energy costs!

2. Design

Electric heaters can provide stylish alternatives to gas heating in areas without natural gas supplies, or provide long term manufacturer warranties with modern efficient heaters featuring beautiful designs and long term manufacturer coverage.

Slim-line storage heaters can help reduce operating costs. By storing heat during cheaper night tariff periods, these heaters store enough warmth for use during daytime tariff periods at more expensive day rates.

Creda, Newlec and Elnur brands of combi storage heaters Glasgow are ideal for larger homes. Similar to traditional radiator systems but equipped with an additional fan for optimal heating during peak times. Our selection can help reduce energy bills and carbon emissions significantly.

3. Power

If you want to reduce energy costs, look for modern and energy-saving equipment like slim-line storage heaters – they offer up to 15% in running savings by replacing older electric heaters Glasgow homes, with various sizes and quickly warming rooms quickly and efficiently. Glasgow Boiler Service stocks Creda, Newlec and Elnur brand storage heaters suitable for various home heating requirements.

High heat retention storage heaters Glasgow are an effective choice if you are on a Rate 2 electricity tariff, as these similar to electric radiators can store cheaper night-time electricity to use throughout the day, helping you make significant savings on energy bills.

To calculate the cost of running an electric heater, multiply its kW output with your tariff’s price cap per kWh – this will give you the total hourly cost.

4. Efficiency

No matter if you reside in a modern new build along the Clyde or one of Glasgow’s iconic tenement flats, an efficient heating system is essential to living comfortably and reducing carbon footprint. Finding an electric heater suitable for your property will help save on energy bills while simultaneously cutting your carbon emissions footprint.

Electric boilers are an energy-saving way of using electricity, as they waste little or no power converting it to usable heat. Available both as heat only and combi boilers, electric boilers provide an affordable way to manage both home heating and hot water needs.

5. Warranty

Electric heating offers an extended manufacturer warranty that is often an important deciding factor when looking to upgrade from existing gas heaters. Furthermore, new-build homes often opt for electric heating because its installation can occur after completion of legal registration of their property.

Electric Heating Company Guarantee is only valid on products registered within 12 months of installation and maintained annually by a competent person* according to product manual requirements. Failing to abide by these conditions will nullify this guarantee.

Returns under warranty must be completed within 30 days from when they were given; please note, however, that this warranty only covers installations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.